Apache Kafka and the Art of the Event Streaming Application

Apache Kafka and the Art of the Event Streaming Application


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to build a massively scalable streaming application on Kafka, the challenges, the patterns and the thought process involved? How much of the application can be reused? What patterns will you discover? How does it all fit together?

By attending this event, you will learn how you can start with a data pipeline, then evolve it into a company-wide real-time business-critical application based up a streaming platform. Streaming data takes the idea of low-latency data at scale, and makes it possible to use a platform to connect all the applications and systems in your company. It acts, in effect, as a digital nervous system, both distributing the data out to every corner of your organisation, and at the same time centralising that data and allowing it to be acted on quickly, helping your organisation become agile.

Who should attend: Apache Kafka Enthusiasts, Senior Developers, Architects, Senior Architects.

Register today so that you can learn:

  • Why an event streaming platform is best suited for building event-driven architectures
  • How streaming data impacts strategic initiatives in the financial services industry\
  • What solutions are in use at some of the most established banks in the world
  • How you can deliver value to your business in just weeks with a streaming platform

Location: CCT Venues, 40 Bank St, Canary Wharf, London E14 5NR
Date: Thursday 12 September
Time: 3.30 pm will 18.30 pm

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