Confluent Platform for Azure Stack

Azure Stack のために最適化された Apache Kafka® ベースの Streaming Platform

Confluent and Microsoft have teamed up to offer the Confluent streaming platform on Azure Stack to enable hybrid cloud streaming for intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud initiatives.

Enable Apache Kafka-based hybrid cloud streaming to Microsoft Azure in support of modern banking, modern manufacturing, Internet of Things, and other use cases. Confluent supports syndication to Azure Stack. Confluent Platform can also be deployed to the Microsoft Azure cloud and is available on Azure Marketplace.

Why Confluent Platform for Azure Stack?

  • Open Source-based Technologies

    Open Source-based Technologies

    Apache Kafka-based platform syndicated to Azure Stack. Built by Kafka experts at Confluent in partnership with Microsoft.

  • Flexible Hybrid Cloud

    Flexible Hybrid Cloud

    Flexible hybrid streaming platform supporting many topologies between Azure Stack and Azure public Cloud. Natively supports connected and disconnected states.

  • Operate at Scale

    Operate at Scale

    Run large scale, production real-time streams with the same battle-tested Confluent platform on Microsoft Azure.

  • Meet SLAs

    Meet SLAs

    Easily detect slow brokers, message delivery failures or unexpected latencies and other problems before they occur.

Confluent Platform Hybrid Streaming Model for Azure

Confluent enables hybrid streaming and bridge to cloud across Azure public cloud and Stack.

Confluent Platform Hybrid Streaming Model for Azure

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