High throughput, low latency solution with Scylla and Apache Kafka®

Scylla is a highly available, highly-scalable NoSQL database that can match the volume and velocity of Kafka to meet the persistent storage requirements of modern web-scale applications. Confluent Platform and Kafka need a complementary and highly performant storage layer. With its high throughput and low latency characteristics, Scylla keeps up with growing needs of real-time data streaming. Scylla makes maximum utilization of high-density, modern, multi-core systems – scaling out across additional nodes, automatically sharding-per-core and auto-tuning performance. Scylla also scales up, taking advantage of modern NUMA multi-CPU server architectures.

Why Scylla and Confluent Platform?

  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Confluent Platform and Scylla meet the low-latency and high-throughput requirements for users looking to obtain maximum utility from their real-time data

  • High Scalability

    High Scalability

    The Confluent Platform and Scylla can keep scaling up and out as customers grow their streaming data architectures from terabytes to petabytes



  • Open Source Commitment

    Open Source Commitment

    Confluent and ScyllaDB both offer true open-source versions to foster developer communities, and to enable rapid adoption, prototyping, and agile deployment

  • Enterprise-Grade Solutions

    Enterprise-Grade Solutions

    Confluent and ScyllaDB have enterprise-grade offerings for robust, secure, and always-on operations customers require

Scylla for Real-Time

To keep up with Confluent Platform data streaming requirements, ScyllaDB’s NoSQL database matches Kafka’s volume and velocity.

Scylla for Real-Time

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