Confluent Auto Data Balancer

Optimize Resource Utilization and Reliability for Apache Kafka

Confluent Auto Data Balancer monitors your cluster for number of nodes, size of partitions, number of partitions and number of leaders within the cluster, and shifts data automatically to create an even workload across your cluster.

Why Confluent Auto Data Balancer?

If you are using Apache Kafka in production, you likely accept a loss in performance and efficiency to avoid the risks associated with balancing your workload manually across the cluster. Auto Data Balancer eliminates that risk and complexity to help you meet your SLAs.

  • Optimize Cluster Performance

    Shift data automatically to rebalance partitions across your cluster to maximize performance, no math required, no risk of manual errors.

  • Simplify Elastic Scaling

    Easily add and remove nodes from your Kafka cluster. Auto Data Balancer has a built-in function that generates a rebalance plan when decommissioning brokers.

  • Ensure Network Bandwidth

    Automatically throttle the traffic generated by Auto Data Balancer when real-time data transfers occur.

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