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Enabling streaming data as the new paradigm for data flow

How Organizations Handle Data Flow: A Giant Mess

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Most organizations are facing an explosion of data coming from new applications, new business opportunities, IoT, and more. The ideal architecture most envision is a clean, optimized system that allows businesses to capitalize on all that data.

However, traditional systems used for solving these problems were designed in an era that predates large-scale distributed systems, and lack the ability to scale to meet the needs of the modern data-driven organization.


Apache Kafka, a Distributed Streaming Platform

A Streaming PlatformsA Streaming Platforms

Apache Kafka® is an event streaming platform designed to solve these problems in a modern, distributed architecture. Originally envisioned as a fast and scalable distributed messaging queue, it has rapidly expanded into a full-scale event streaming platform, capable of not just publish-and-subscribe, but also storage and processing of data within the stream.


Confluent Platform, a More Complete Distribution of Apache Kafka

Confluent Platform, a More Complete Distribution of Apache KafkaConfluent Platform, a More Complete Distribution of Apache Kafka

Confluent Platform improves Apache Kafka by expanding its integration capabilities, adding tools to optimize and manage Kafka clusters, and methods to ensure the streams are secure. Confluent Platform makes Kafka easier to build and easier to operate. Confluent Open Source is freely downloadable, while Confluent Enterprise is available through our subscription.

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Advantages of a Streaming Platform


Which Streaming Platform is Right for You?

Confluent Platform

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