Kafka Connect

Your hub for connecting Apache Kafka® to all your systems

Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect is a framework included in Apache Kafka that integrates Kafka with other systems. Its purpose is to make it easy to add new systems to your scalable and secure stream data pipelines.

To copy data between Kafka and another system, users instantiate Kafka Connectors for the systems they want to pull data from or push data to. Source Connectors import data from another system (e.g. a relational database into Kafka) and Sink Connectors export data (e.g. the contents of a Kafka topic to an HDFS file).

This page lists many of the notable connectors available.

Confluent Connectors

Confluent Connectors are developed, tested, documented and are fully supported by Confluent.

  • ActiveMQ (Source)AMQ, ActiveMQ, JMS, Message BrokerConfluentConfluent
  • Amazon S3 (Sink)S3ConfluentConfluent
  • Elasticsearch (Sink)search, Elastic, log, analyticsConfluentConfluent
  • HDFS (Sink)HDFS, Hadoop, HiveConfluentConfluent
  • IBM MQ (Source)IBM MQ, JMS, Message BrokerConfluentConfluent
  • JDBC (Source)JDBC, MySQLConfluentConfluent
  • JDBC (Sink)JDBC, MySQLConfluentConfluent
  • JMS (Source)JMS, Message BrokerConfluentConfluent
  • Replicator (source)Kafka, Cluster, ReplicationConfluentConfluent

認定 Connectors

Certified Connectors have been developed by vendors utilizing the Kafka Connect framework. These Connectors have met criteria for code development best practices, schema registry integration, security, and documentation.

  • Attunity (Source)CDC, Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Postgres, Cloudera, MapR, Flat FilesAttunityAttunity
  • Azure IoTHub (Source)IoT, messagingMicrosoftAzure
  • Couchbase (Source)Couchbase, NoSQLCouchbaseCouchbase
  • Couchbase (Sink)Couchbase, NoSQLCouchbaseCouchbase
  • Dbvisit Replicate (Source)CDC, OracleDbvisitDbvisit
  • HVRCDC, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, PostgresHVRHVR
  • IBM Data Replication (Source)CDCIBMIBM
  • JustOne (Sink)PostgresJustOneJustOne
  • Kinetica (Source)GPU, RDBMSKineticaKinetica
  • Kinetica (Sink)GPU, RDBMSKineticaKinetica
  • Oracle GoldenGate CDC, OracleOracleOracle
  • Striim (Source)CDC, MS SQLServer, Oracle, MySQLStriimStriim
  • Syncsort DMX (Source)DB2, IMS, VSAM, CICSSyncsortSyncsort
  • Syncsort DMX (Sink)DB2, IMS, VSAM, CICSSyncsortSyncsort
  • Vertica (Source)VerticaHP EnterpriseHP Enterprise
  • Vertica (Sink)VerticaHP EnterpriseHP Enterprise
  • VoltDB (Sink)VoltDB, NewSQLVoltDBVoltDB
  • Xenon (Sink)XenonLevyxXenon

Additional Connectors Available

Other notable Connectors that have been developed utilizing the Kafka Connect framework.