Bridge to Cloud

Bridge to Cloud

Download the White Paper

Confluent Platform to Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud™ is a fully managed streaming data service based on open source Apache Kafka®.

As companies adopt the cloud, they may discover that migrating to the cloud is not a one-time thing, and it is a much harder task than building a greenfield cloud-native application. They need to seamlessly build a bridge between on-prem and cloud Kafka deployments.

Download this white paper for a bridge-to-cloud deployment guide on designing, configuring and managing event streaming applications in Confluent Cloud.


Yeva Byzek

Yeva Byzek, Integration Architect, Confluent

Yeva is an integration architect at Confluent designing solutions and building demos for developers and operators of Apache Kafka. She has many years of experience validating and optimizing end-to-end solutions for distributed software systems and networks.

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