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Confluent at Strata Data Conference New York 2018

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Visit the Confluent Booth #1030

We'll be at the Strata Data Conference In New York from September 11-13, 2018.

Drop by our booth to chat with Apache Kafka® experts and grab some swag.

Check out all the speaking sessions and book signings below or request a meeting with one of our technical experts by completing the form on the right.

Tuesday, September 11

Session: Stream processing with Kafka
Speaker: Tim Berglund, Senior Director of Developer Experience, Confluent
Time: 9:00am–12:30pm

Wednesday, September 12

Session: The future of ETL isn’t what it used to be
Speaker: Gwen Shapira, Principal Data Architect, Confluent
Time: 11:20am–12:00pm

Session: Apache Kafka and the Four Challenges of Production Machine Learning Systems
Speaker: Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent
Time: 5:25pm–6:05pm

Book signing: Kafka: The Definitive Guide
Author: Gwen Shapira, Principal Data Architect, Confluent
Time: 3:35pm

Thursday, September 13

Session: A Deep Dive into Kafka Controller
Speaker: Jun Rao, Co-founder, Confluent
Time: 1:10pm–1:50pm

Book signing: I Heart Logs
Author: Jay Kreps, CEO, Confluent

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単一の Kafka Broker の場合には永遠に無料

商用版の機能を単一の Kafka Broker で無期限で使用できるソフトウェアです。2番目の Broker を追加すると、30日間の商用版試用期間が自動で開始します。この制限を単一の Broker へ戻すことでリセットすることはできません。

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